Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kylie Lawson - EDITED: 1st September

Kylie, please check your emails - 15th August 2013

a further email with specific questions has been sent to you from the Swap Co-Ordinator on 8th August - as yet there has been no reply.
Several emails have been sent by your July swap partner on 30th June, 26th July, 5th August and 12th August - as yet there is no reply.
If no response is received by 30th August you will be permanently removed from the group.

1st September 2013
EDITED:   Kylie Lawson has now been removed from this group.  The only response received has been an email on 24th August saying "Cathy Many Apologies I have been in bed for 3 weeks with Shingles and have had no internet and my phone died I will write more to you tomorrow as Its 4 am here at the moment Thanks Kylie"

Kylie, it seems you are having troubles with emails, so I shall copy my last email to you here, which was sent on Monday, 26th August

Thanks for your email Kylie.
I do hope to hear from you soon with advice of your intentions in relation to this swap.
Do you intend to honour your July swap?
Do you intend to honour your fellow swappers birthday swaps? 
My records indicate you have received packages from at least 14 swappers - do you plan to acknowledge their receipt?
looking forward to hearing from you some time soon.

Fat Quarter Swap Co-Ordinator

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