Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday Love for Maureen

this post will be updated as and when I receive more photos - last updated 14th October

Photos supplied by Maureen

Message from Maureen :  My goodness I have been so spoilt.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and I want to say thank you to all my lovely birthday swap friends. 
I must also apologise.  I had them all stacked ready for photos and my darling little grand daughter decided they needed "organizing" and "neating up for you Nan Nan".  So I ended up with a colourful stack of fabrics and goodies. I have listed all of your names and hopefully I haven't left anyone out.

Thanks to:  Melanie K, Vanessa R, Helen P, Barb G, Cathy (the one and only), Janet H, Wendy B, Sharon J, Heather S, Sandra T, Claire F, Arlene W, Jessica K, Narelle L, Carol L, Lyndell H, Lyn S, Maryanne P

from CathyC
from Arlene
from Carol
from CathyM

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