Saturday, February 16, 2013

UPDATED: Catch up Fat Quarters - Sandra, Sharon, Leonie & Naomi

Here is a photo of what Sharon sent to Sandra
Sandra sends her thanks ;-)

Naomi experienced some difficulties completing a few swaps and she asked me to help her out.  Naomi sent me some money so that I could go out and buy the replacement fat quarters for her previous partners.

Here is what I picked for Leonie as her replacement for her June 2012 swap.
Leonie advised that she coincidentally had purchased some Sarah Fielke for herself
and was happy to get some more ;-)

This is what I picked for Sharon, for her July 2012 swap, who advised she was working
on a rainbow tone on tone quilt
I hope these have arrived safely - unfortunately, I haven't heard from Sharon yet.
EDITED:  Sharon has since advised they have arrived safely - thanks Sharon :)

I wish to publicly thank Naomi for making good on her swaps ;-)

Fat Quarter Swap Co-Ordinator

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