Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The importance of zip lock bags & January goodies

A beautiful FQ swap package arrived in the mail today - from Claire to Cathy - which highlighted just how important it is to put any choccies in ziplock bags  ;-)
the chocolate had melted!  
I am not surprised given that it would have been travelling in the postal system during some of our hottest weather on record.   Claire was very wise to place the choccies in a separate zip lock bag, otherwise, those lovely fat quarters would have been ruined :(

this is what I sent to Claire

Lots of other goodies have been sent and received so far ............. here are some more piccies ;-)

Heather from Vanessa 

Heather to Vanessa
(no the pics have not been mixed up - they sent each other the same fabric ;-))

from Lyn to Lyndell

from Lyndell to Lyn

Thanks for providing photos ladies ;-)


  1. Oh dear - lucky I did put those little mess-makers in a plastic bag...

  2. oh no i just sent a parcel of and had chocolate in there oops not in a separate bag,fingers crossed there isnt a problem,thanks for this hint Cathy.xx


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