Monday, April 30, 2012

March/April Fat Quarters - sent and received

I received these gorgeous Fat Quarters from Narelle last month and I forgot to post piccies.

Thanks Narelle, I just love all the little buttons you send ;-)


from Jeni - thank you Jeni, I love the colours you have chosen.

The postie delivered some squishie joy this morning ;-)

The above goodies from Carol for April Fat Quarter Swap - thank you so much for the extras ;-)

I must apologise for my recent efforts in the Fat Quarter Swap - I was so eager to get your FQs in the post, I didn't put any extras in, nor did I take any photos of what I have sent - please forgive me :-(

Some birthday Fat Quarters will also be on their way to some lucky recipients on Monday from me ;-)

A suggestion has been received that we all send a little FQ love on the birthdays of our members - this would not be compulsory ;-)  and would be open to all active swappers who wish to participate.  What do you think?  Would anyone have any objections to a birthday list on the side of the blog?  It would appear like this:

April birthdays

October birthdays

The link would be to your blog if you have one.

Thoughts anyone?

Thank you for visiting my blog today - I hope you have a good day. 
Remember, any day doing something you love makes it a good day ;-) 
Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.


  1. Would love to do a birthday fat quaters. Im glad you like your fabric from me will blog it soon.

  2. The Birthday FQ's sound great. I'm in February so please add me to the list for next year. Am happy to start sending this year though.


    P.S. Barb's FQ's are off to the post office on Monday...late I know, but I had to wait till I got some of the 'extras' I put


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